2 million sunflowers

2 Million Sunflowers Planted By Wisconsin Farmer to Put Smiles on People’s Faces


As a result of many sad experiences this year, a 4th-generation berry farmer who is based in rural Kenosha County has planted over 2 million sunflowers to give people ample reason and opportunity to smile again.

Coronavirus has made the world take another form and different shape. Everyone has one or two sad experiences to share. 2020 has been a gloomy year for several people across the globe. People need to be happy and smile again. This prompted the berry farmer to plant sunflowers to make people feel happy again.

Scott Thompson, the farmer is in charge of the Thompson Strawberry Farm, which is located several miles between Chicago and Milwaukee. It has been revealed that photography is allowed, and both tourists and guests are opportune to take as many flowers as they want.

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Thompson made it known that many people have visited his farm from different neighboring cities including Racine, Suburban Chicago, Kenosha, Milwaukee among others. He said many people just wanted to leave the city just to take a view of the sunflowers which has caused others to smile.

He further encouraged more people to come to his farm to view these sunflowers. Planting the sunflowers was his wife’s suggestion of which he obliged to. He first planted on a small farmland of two-acres.

He further revealed that sunflowers take close to 60 days to grow. He said that July 20 was his last planting and those sunflowers should begin to blossom by month ending.

People have been visiting and uploading the pictures on various social media platforms which include Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram. These pictures taken have announced to the world that these sunflowers are beautiful and can make people smile.

Sunflowers are available to be seen from the hours of 10 am to 7 pm daily. In this way, the 2 million sunflowers can make a lot of people smile.

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