Poll Worker Shortage in the United States

Big Companies Striving Hard To Solve Poll Worker Shortage in the United States


In the United States, it has been recently discovered that there is a shortage of poll workers. The poll worker shortage in the United States has made some group of mega-companies to try fix the problem.

This is going on in preparation for the elections coming up this year. Some companies which are members of the Civic Alliance are taking bold steps, processes, and methods to encourage their employees to serve as poll workers.

Some of these Civic Alliance member organizations include Microsoft, Twitter, Uber, Warby Parker, Starbucks, Salesforce, Target, among other top-notch companies. Also, some of these organizations are offering PPE and a conducive environment for voting to the election officials.

As a result of the exposure to health risks, some poll workers who are above the age of 60 have decided to opt out of serving in this year’s election as poll workers. Because of the pandemic, schools and some other centers would not be in full use for polling locations and activities this year.

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With the alliance formed with C19 Coalition and Mission for Masks, a lot of support is being delivered by the Civic Alliance. There would be supplies of face shields, masks, as well as disposable gloves.

Some election experts suggested that thousands of new spaces and hundreds of thousands of new poll workers will be needed for this year’s forthcoming election.

The Coronavirus pandemic has caused a lot of restrictions in public gatherings. At the polling locations, there would be a need for social distancing and many public places like schools may not be in use during the election.

Levi Stress & Co. has disclosed that they would be donating over 15,000 masks for poll workers so as to ensure their safety. Different companies are working on the poll worker shortage in the United States for the smooth running of election this year.

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