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Blind Teen Swimmer Teams Up With Guide Dog for Paralympics Quest


A New York blind teen swimmer, Anastasia Pagonis has teamed up with a guide dog for the Paralympics quest which the professional hockey team she always cheered for provided for her.

Pagonis lost her sight at the age of 14. She made it known that accepting the reality of being blind was hard for her; it took her close to eight months to accept that she was blind.

To make life much easier for her, swimming was what she resorted to. She had just taken up swimming close to six months before she eventually went blind.

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Her guide dog was raised by the professional hockey team in New York so as to partner with her for the Paralympics quest. This came as a result of the fact that she needed a guide for the competition. For Pagonis, swimming makes her happy and so relaxed. For her, diving into the water makes her feel like she has no form of disability. She disclosed that she has a special connection with water whenever she dives into it.

Photo Credit: Guide Dog Foundation

It is interesting to know that she has won some medals and she feels elated. Among the medals she has won include gold medals at the World Para Swimming World Series held in Australia before the spread of Coronavirus this year.

Afterward, a call was placed across to her from Guide Dog Foundation which is a nonprofit foundation. It was later revealed to her that she would partner with a guide dog with the name, Radar.

Both Pagonis and Radar have been undergoing some training at her residence for several hours every morning close to 10 days. On August 19, they finally officially teamed up.

She made it known that Radar has been supportive and that has been the best thing ever. With the blind teen swimmer, Pagonis teaming up with Radar, both would make history.

Featured Image Source: Guide Dog Foundation

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