911 dispatcher saves lives

911 Dispatcher Saves Lives and Becomes a Hero


True heroic deeds are being encouraged across the globe and that is why celebrating a 911 dispatcher who has saved lives of dying people is no exception. A 911 dispatcher saves lives of an infant and a 71-year-old man whose breathing ceased.

McKenzie Davis, a 21-year-old lady who works as a 911 dispatcher in Florida has saved the life of a 6-month-old baby during her shift. This act is highly welcomed and it shows that human lives truly matter above everything else.

Not only did Davis save a 6-month-old baby, she also helped save the life of a 71-year-old man after providing CPR instructions over the phone. This information was provided by the Flagler County Sheriff’s Office.

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It all started when young Davis received a call from a mother around 3:33 pm that her baby had ceased to breathe. She immediately ensured the infant’s mother was calm and she made sure the baby’s mother carried out her CPR instructions.

It was further revealed that the baby began to breathe again after a full round of CPR. It was later gathered that the infant was transferred to a children’s hospital for further care and treatment.

When it was around 4:38 pm, Davis received another call from a woman that her aged husband was on a swimming pool and that he had stopped breathing.

The 911 dispatcher swung into action the same way she had earlier done. She instructed the wife to get the husband out of the swimming pool. It was later that CPR instructions were given that the woman was calmed down. It was gathered that no one available at the scene was trained to carry out CPR. Later, paramedics arrived at the scene.

This 911 dispatcher saves lives of an infant and an aged man as an act of kindness to humanity. Human lives matter, always.

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