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More Demand From Forgiveness Charity During Pandemic


Forgiveness Charity, a charity that focuses on assisting people to learn to forgive has seen a high increase in demand for its downloadable forgiveness materials. These demands have skyrocketed since the commencement of the lockdown.

Forgiveness is an act that brings about inner peace to human minds. It triggers positive cohabitation among people. Since the lockdown, the Global Forgiveness Initiative, which is located in Scotland has seen the positive demands and high downloads of its materials as the world is faced with Coronavirus.

The Charity’s website has some ebooks, articles, and worksheets. These materials have helped a change in people’s perspective towards forgiveness. It has been revealed that over 250,000 people every month visit the website and this is 10 times higher than it used to be in 2019.

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After Boris Johnson announced a total lockdown in the UK on March 23, 2020, the free eBook titled the Four Steps to Forgiveness was downloaded close to 22,000 times.

William Fergus Martin, the founder of the charity and author of Forgiveness is Power has made it known that the demands have increased greatly since the lockdown.

Martin further explained that the pandemic made several people get in touch with their loved ones that they had earlier had some conflicting issues with before the lockdown and this was possible as a result of the fact that people have been spending some quality time online in recent times.

He started writing about forgiveness in 2008 but his first book, Forgiveness is Power was published in 2013. He revealed that he launched the charity in 2016 because he found out that most people need materials that would aid them to work on forgiving others.

These e-books are accessed across the globe and they are available in at least 26 languages which include both Spanish and Portuguese. The Forgiveness Charity has ensured people can learn how to forgive easily.

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