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Dolly Parton Determined To Change Thousands of Children’s Lives


Dolly Parton is a famous entertainer whose works are highly enjoyable by millions of fans across the globe. It is unarguable that she is one of the talented entertainers who has been so determined to change thousands of children’s lives.

Her musical talent has always thrilled her fans and her performance has always been quite stellar. Her musical talent was inherited from her mom’s family and she has become one of the most sought after musicians.

This year, she has donated $1 million to Vanderbilt University to help in their research in the fight against Coronavirus. This is one of the many amazing things Parton has done this year.

It does not look like she will stop soon as she is set to change the lives of thousands of children’s lives. She desires to help change the educational sector so that children can have access to quality education.

Through initiatives such as the Buddy Program and the Imagination Library, Parton has given back to the societies across the states in the UK, Canada, Ireland, and Australia.

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After she saw the increasing rate in dropouts of school children in her hometown of Sevierville, Tennessee in 1990, she was bent on helping children get back to school.

In the same year, Parton invited the fifth and sixth graders to her amusement park, Dollywood. She later gathered the pupils and teamed them up with a friend and if both children graduated, she would offer them a $500 check as a reward.

It got so shocking that the percentage of the dropouts dropped to 6% that year and it has continued to be that way to date. In 2018, she donated to the Library of Congress, a copy of her “Coat of Many Colors”.

It has been said that Dolly Parton has a heart of gold and she continues to change the narrative.

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