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Duchess of Cambridge Showcases About 100 Images That Portray Lifestyle During Lockdown


The Coronavirus pandemic affected the global world and as a result of this, a lockdown was effected in different parts of the world. Many lives have changed and there seems to be a total spectacle to which people now view the world. Among recent events that made people so emotional was the unveiling down by the duchess of Cambridge.

Kate Middletown, the duchess of Cambridge who has so much under her sleeves displayed about 100 images that portray the life of people during the lockdown. This unveiling no doubt made several people so emotional.

Middleton is also a seasoned photographer and the patron of London’s National Portrait Gallery. Her collection has been accessed by several people. She has shown her skills by unveiling a digital exhibition that parades about 100 portraits of British life in the periods of the lockdown.

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The Hold Still community project was unveiled sometime in May 2020 to bring to life a distinct collection of portraits of the UK during the pandemic. Many people were so emotional as the portraits were being displayed. It had over 31,598 entrants who were people from the ages of 4 to 75 years old.

Middleton revealed that some sad images showed the bitter human lives during the pandemic while some uplifting images brought about spirited life to people, and it showed people coming together to give support to those who are vulnerable.

Other images showed empathy, humor, hope, and beauty which are strong reminders that beauty surrounds human lives. It is interesting to note that people of all ages, from different parts of the country, were all invited to the unveiling of a portrait taken in May and June under three basic themes; Acts of Kindness, Your New Normal, and Helpers and Heroes.

The Duchess of Cambridge has done something quite remarkable and it has purged emotions in people because the portraits revealed more about people’s lives during the pandemic.

Featured image source: Getty Images

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