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McDonald’s Give Back To Hurricane Victims is Commendable.


Charity is one of the ways to show compassion for humans. The importance of giving back to society cannot be overemphasized. That is why McDonald’s give back to hurricane victims is highly welcomed and commendable.

McDonald’s is known for its giving back generously to communities, most especially when the basic needs are needed urgently. Hurricane is a natural disaster that always wreaks havoc on humans and properties. The most horrific and powerful hurricane to ever hit Louisiana from year 1856 is the Laura.

Its effects are so draining on people because it includes flood, terrible damage to many houses and business enterprises, people became homeless and were left with no basic comfort of life.

It takes the intervention of Rikesh Patel, the man in charge of 25 different McDonald’s locations just in that community alone to help restore some normalcy in the area.

He made it known while being interviewed by CNN that pictures being displayed on the different social media platforms cannot convey the drastic effects of the hurricane on people because pictures do not do any justice. Out of Patel’s selfless love for people, he requested help from the corporate headquarters.

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Patel has expressed an act of generosity as he ensured his staff at the restaurant kept the food truck on run for more than 4 days, thereby serving 10,000 meals for free which comprise McDonald’s fries, cheeseburgers, and bottled water.

He further revealed that Ray Kroc (McDonald’s founder), believed that there was a need to give back to their immediate communities. The meal has been served to everyone affected by the hurricane.

Mc Donald’s give back to hurricane victims, has been made possible because of the supportive managers and crew members who deemed it fit to give back to the needs of the society. This is highly commendable because a portable kitchen was dispatched from a location in Kentucky.

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