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Solar Energy Game Boy Without Batteries


It is quite interesting to see that technological advancement has brought a lot of comfort to our daily lives. As a result of growth in technology, scientists at Northwestern University and Holland’s Delft University have made a solar energy game boy that also runs on swipes.

This classic 8 bit Nintendo game boy is unique because it has a solar panel on the display screen. Lovers of the game boy can enjoy this green makeover game boy by pressing its console with the energy button.

It was released back in year 1989; that about thirty-one years ago. The game boy was initially powered by some AA batteries. Afterward, it was powered by rechargeable batteries, which was like the exact ones in cellphones.

This game boy can be powered without batteries, which shows that there has been great development with the world of technology. A lot of research was conducted on this solar energy game boy having no batteries.

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For lovers of gamers used to these themes, it is easy to comprehend that your gameplay could become vulnerable if there’s a slight of interruption (maybe a second) in every ten seconds of play. One of the researchers at Northwestern University, Josiah Hester disclosed that this game boy is the first battery-free interactive device that harvests energy from user actions.

It is quite paramount for gamers to understand how it works. The scientists through a lot of researches have been able to develop an innovative technique to aid the storage of the system state using a non-volatile memory. One thing this does is to help minimize overhead and it quite allows for quick and easy restoration as soon as power is back.

It is interesting to know that there is still room for more improvement in technology and this solar energy game boy that does not use batteries but runs on swipes is a great achievement.

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