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There’s a Need for California Artists to Adapt to a New World.


The year 2020 has come with a lot of bitter experiences for people. This is as a result of the Coronavirus which has drastically affected every sector including world economies. That is why there is a need to adapt to a new world by everyone, including California artists.

The outbreak of Coronavirus has affected both large and small scale businesses in California. It is one of the main reasons a small business owner, Stephanie Mufson took some drastic steps to survive.

She made it known in July that she was skeptical if her small business, Parade Guys would survive. Her company builds floats and huge displays for outdoor festivals and activities.

Mufson is an independent artist who works with some contractors who have expertise in sculpting, painting as well as building floats for various outdoor festivals in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As a result of the pandemic, which brought about lockdown in different locations, festivals like the San Francisco Pride Parade and Fourth of July celebrations have been badly affected in the last six months.

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Another affected artist is Brain Travis who is a musician. He also works with Mufson at Parade Guys. But he has had to learn new software programs to survive in this new world.

Mufson made it known that to survive requires a lot of adaptation since the world has become a new place to inhabit. For her, since the demands for floats have reduced, she has taken due advantage to learn new skills to become a better artist.

In typical summer, Mufson said that she always worked with her contractors to build floats for different parades and festivals. For her adaptation to a new life, she has been teaching online art classes because many people have now resorted to learning and doing business online.

The various California artists are striving to learn different skills to survive in this new world.

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