Cancer Survivor Makes Sandwiches For The Homeless

Cancer Survivor Makes Sandwiches For The Homeless


Charity is always an act of expressing selfless love to humanity. It makes us all feel loved when people care about us and go out of their ways to give us the comfort we so much desire. Cancer survivor, Kerry Wiles has a heart of gold as she makes sandwiches for the homeless in Tennessee.

She has been feeding the homeless in Tennessee after she survived cancer. She started driving uber after her survival and she uses her income to make meals for the homeless. It is on weekends Wiles works as an uber driver and she uses her tips to feed the homeless community in Tennessee.

She has a full-time job as a scientist but her love for humanity has made her decide to give back to the community around her. In 2018, she discovered she has breast cancer but that did not serve as a hindrance to her expressing selfless love to people.

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She was really interested in people and she felt it was crucial for her to reach across to them and know their stories. This she eventually achieved. As time progresses, she started using her earnings from her uber business which she does on weekends to feed people making sandwiches for them as lunch.

Not just driving people all over the city and making money for herself, she has a heart of gold and as a result of this, she drops off homemade sandwiches for about 100 people without homes.

She works at Vanderbilt University Medical Center’s Cooperative Human Tissue Network as a scientist from Mondays to Fridays. On one of the days she rode Ryan Caldwell, a young man of 24 years who showed interest in assisting her to deliver the homemade sandwiches across Tennessee.

Now both of them go about dropping off turkey rolls across the community. Wiles revealed that teaming up with Caldwell has been great as both are currently planning to get the community winter boots. Being a cancer survivor, Wiles is making a timeless impact in Tennessee.

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