Life is all about Becoming, Evolving, and Transforming


Life is about becoming! Life is about evolving. To become is to evolve. To evolve is to transform. But do we really become? There are so many questions that beg for answers. Yes, questions only YOU can give answers to.

Life is in phases. A toddler grows into a teenager and then into an adult who can then accept responsibility. Adulthood is the stage most of us fear. It is the stage of our lives that require we discover our strength, weaknesses, and ideologies.

To evolve is your responsibility. To become all you choose to be is all you need to work out on your own. Life is a journey. It is about connecting those tiny dots. Sometimes, life doesn’t make sense. But you need to make sure you get it all right.

People face different challenges in their lives. There are hurdles to cross, barriers to break, and paths to thread. Life is about daring to take the bulls by the horns. It is about having strength in our weaknesses, we need to be strengthened in our inner man. It is having light and hope in our darkest moments when the world turns against you.

To become requires our all. It is choosing to walk when our feet can no longer stand. It is choosing to see the rainbow after the darkest cloud. No one can do life like you.

Why then do you choose to walk in another man’s shoes? This is not to just make you feel motivated today, and become hopeless tomorrow. This is to remind you that to become all life has to offer you is you taking responsibility. To be in charge. It is time to face your fears.

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When nothing makes sense or nobody believes in your dreams, are you ready to remain resilient and tell yourself: “Darling, I can become. I must become!” It is about time you took the right steps so that you can become.

You need to give up chasing shadows, stop making mere wishes or wishful thought. Act! Focus now on your work. Till the ground. Get your hands dirty. There is light at the end of the tunnel. There is a ray of hope for you. There is sunshine, tranquility, and success for you when you walk in the right path.

Be reminded that failure is just one step towards success. Success is not in the fleet of cars you only buy but in choosing to dare to dream wide as the ocean and become the best version of yourself.

Ensure you guard your heart against pressures, desperation, and vainglory. Riches do not acquire immortality. Forge ahead. Live. Do not listen to the voice of this world beckoning on you to hurry. You are not late. Keep pushing and you shall overcome.

Keep the right company of friends and plod on with faith. Enjoy the process while you become. Unlearn and relearn. Life is surely beautiful when you live your dreams. You shall become all you dare to become. Become. Evolve. Emerge. Today is for you to become!

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