an envelope containing ricin

Envelope Containing Ricin Sent to The White House Intercepted


An envelope containing Ricin that was addressed to the White House has been intercepted by authorities in the United States. Ricin is a very toxic substance and it is widely known to be injurious to humans.

Recently, an envelope was addressed to the White House and it was perceived to contain some Ricin. The envelope was allegedly intercepted on its arrival on Saturday.

According to the report filed by a law enforcement agency, it is believed by investigators that the envelope was ordered from Canada. It was further revealed that the letter was stopped at one of the government facilities that screen every mail that is being addressed to the White House and President Trump.

According to the FBI Washington Field’s statement, the FBI as well as the US Secret Service and the US Postal Inspection Service teams are doing thorough and sound investigations of the letter which is perceived to be suspicious by the US government. It was also made known that at present, there has not been any form of threat to the general public health and safety.

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One of the main reasons that prompted further investigation is the fact that the envelope that contains the ricin came in just a day after Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death.

Ricin as everyone knows is quite toxic and there has not been any verified or confirmed vaccine for this poisonous substance. It was gathered that Ricin can be produced or refined from the waste that comes from processing castor beans.

A Navy veteran who was arrested in 2018 had confessed to sending some envelopes to President Trump as well as members of Trump’s administration that contained the substance from which ricin is gotten from.

It is commendable that there was an interception of the envelope containing the Ricin addressed to the White House and thorough investigations are going on. Further information would be given as more revelations come up.

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