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Luck Smiles On Homeless Woman After Her Story Was Aired On TV


The media has a positive way of making the voiceless “voice” to become being heard. That is why it is no exception for a homeless woman whose story was aired recently on television as she finally found succor.

In a world where everyone is now familiar with the media, television is one power tool that could help air people’s different stories. At different locations, people can have access to the same information via the television.

An ugly life experience has finally turned sweet after a homeless woman, Q’s story was aired on an episode of “United Shades of America” show. For not less than 20 years, Q has resided on the fringes of Los Angeles’ Skid Row.

This particular location is perceived to be one of the nation’s locality where most homeless people live. It is so sad to have such an experience because being homeless is something quite an experience to have as one is exposed to harsh conditions, discomfort and there are many things to suffer for.

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Q is transgender which is one of the peculiarities of the LGBT community. Not only is she transgender, she is also HIV positive. She shared on the episode she was featured that living in the Los Angeles’ Skid Row has its own peculiarities. Both Shirley Raines and Q were featured on the show.

Raines has a nonprofit organization, ‘Beauty 2 The Streetz’ where she provided nice haircuts, tasty food, and makeovers to the Skid Row residents. It is quite beautiful to know that she has been of help to Q by taking good care of her for the past four years.

Having gone through such experience, Q still has many positive vibes and energy towards life. Raines revealed that after the episode aired on TV, the homeless woman, Q is now back to her family after 26 years of losing contact with them. Q is Keen on living life to its fullest.

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