triumph the koala

Triumph the Koala Sets to Get Prosthetic Limb Over Missing Foot


Triumph the Koala was born with a missing foot and he has always worn a sock on his stump which has helped conceal the fact that he has a missing foot.

It is good that the triumph koala would be receiving a prosthetic limb soon. This prosthetic limb replacement for the missing foot is a welcoming development.

It is revealed that the triumph koala could be the first koala to receive a prosthetic limb across the globe. It was a veterinary nurse, Marley Christian that rescued the poor koala about three years ago. Since then, Christian has been taking care of the koala.

The poor koala was rescued from a property near Lismore in Northern New South Wales. Christian revealed that the koala had a dying mother then and there was no way he could have survived the harsh conditions he probably would have been exposed to.

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He had no foot, so, he would have died because he would go through the pain of climbing effectively. He would have to always run away from becoming a prey and he would also have to run for its life. It was Christian who named him Triumph.

The missing foot was a result of a birth defect which has always caused him pain. If he had not been catered for in the past years, he would not have become a survivor. Christian said that the triumph koala’s stump was dressed in some doll’s socks and booties, too.

It was when Christian put a callout on her social media platform that she needed to get Triumph a prosthetic limb, that was when a US-based company decided to help the koala get a prosthetic limb of first-class instead of wearing booties and socks.

The triumph koala would soon get a standard limb as against what some veterinarians perceived to be impossible. Christian revealed that it has never been done for any koala before.

Featured image source: Brad Mustow

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