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Scholarships Awarded To Ohio High School Students


It was like a dream when two Ohio High School students were awarded college scholarships for carrying first responders tribute flags onto the football field. This happened during a match that took place on September 11. The scholarships came after the two students were suspended from their football team for carrying the flags onto the field.

It is part of the school’s regulations that no flags whatsoever should be allowed on the field. What was first shocking was that the two students; Brady Williams and Jarad Bentley broke the school’s rules and brought the flags to the field. They were suspended right away from their team.

It was further revealed on Tuesday by the Little Miami Board of Education that it quite understood what the two little Miami football players did. It was because due protocols were not followed by the students despite the fact that they were trying to show their support for the first responders on the anniversary of 9/11, the school district decided to bring them to book by suspending them for their inactions. Williams, one of the students is the son of a Sheriff’s deputy while Bentley is the son of a fireman.

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The former carried a “Thin Blue Lesie Flag” while the latter carried a “Thin Red Wine Flag”. The school district board concluded that their actions were not based on political inclinations. What then came as a surprise was when the two students were awarded scholarships by a local nonprofit group known as “Holiday for Heroes”.

The nonprofit group in their statement declared that both students have demonstrated patriotic deeds that were far beyond their years of experience.

But one thing is that the nonprofit group had concealed how much the scholarships would worth. The scholarships awarded to the Ohio High school students would mean a lot to the two students.

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