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Spanish Triathlete Allows Rival Athlete Finish First


It was so surprising when Spanish Triathlete, Diego Mentrida allowed his rival to finish first after a costly mistake he made at the finish line. Nobody could have thought Mentrida would allow such in a race that was a competition.

It was his competitor, James Teagle that later crossed the line first. James Teagle, who was competing for the British was placed third when Diego Mentrida allowed him to cross the line because the former made a mistake. In the final stages, Mentrida who is a Madrileno of 21 years, was just seconds behind his major competitor, James Teagle.

When Mentrida noticed his error, observing that Teagle was just a second behind, out of his own will, he decided to let the Briton finish first before he did. The Spanish triathlete made it known that on sighting Teagle made the mistake, he unconsciously stopped so that he could finish first because he believed that Teagle deserved it.

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Teagle himself is an up and coming in his country. He claimed third spot during the Alanya ETU Triathlon cup held in Europe. Mentrida on the other hand has been competing at Category “sub 23” in Alcobendas’ ecoesport Club. It is quite interesting to know that asides his sports life, he’s studying, after registering for a degree in sports science and physiotherapy.

It is not the very first time such an event would occur. A similar perceived “sporting gesture” had happened when a Spanish athlete, Ivan Fernandez Anaya helped a Kenyan competitor to finish first during a cross country race in Burlada.

Many actually have made known their opinions as regards what Mentrida did. While some applauded his kind gesture, some regarded it as unprofessional.

As against all that has been said, most people are not comfortable with the Spanish triathlete rendering some “sporting gesture” to his opponent because they see it as unprofessional.

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