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Billionaire Chuck Feeney Gives Away Entire Fortune After Several Years of Secret Donations


There is absolutely nothing greater and better than giving to the needy in one’s community. One way legacies can be forever solidified is by giving to the needy. That is what amiable billionaire Chuck Feeney has done.

This highly respected billionaire has given to his society in multiple folds that cannot be measured. One peculiar thing about him is his love for giving. He gives effortlessly, and that is why he has continually donated to charity for not less than 38 years. His donations were mostly done in secret because he did not want public appraisal from people.

One striking thing about this Irish-American is his determination to give back his entire fortune to his community. This is a rare trait one can find in a wealthy man. In 1982, Feeney quietly founded a nonprofit organization with his secret dream of giving away his total fortune. He bent on doing this, and luckily for this wealthy businessman, 38 years later, he has achieved his dream.

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He made his fortune from his duty-free shopping business. Despite his luxury, he was not at any point extravagant. He has compassion for the needy and he never hesitates to help anyone close to him.

Some shocking things about Feeney are: he flies economy class (this rare for a billionaire of his caliber), he possesses just a pair of shoes, he neither has a car nor a gigantic apartment, rather he lives in a rented apartment. This is indeed a selfless man whose lifestyle is worthy of being emulated by many people.

This week, it was revealed that his foundation, a nonprofit one, The Atlantic Philanthropies, totally became cashless. He disclosed that he was elated that he finally achieved his goal. Billionaire Chuck Feeney has advised other wealthy personalities to give back to society. They should not wait until they are on their deathbed before they could give back to people.

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