Ice age cave bear

Ice Age Cave Bear Discovered to Be Perfectly Preserved After Several Years


The remains of an ice age cave bear have been said to be discovered by some reindeer herders in the Russian Arctic. This bear that was discovered to have been perfectly preserved was found on Bolshoy Lyakhovsky Island. This bear is an extinct animal but one interesting thing about this discovery is that the bear was found with its organs still intact.

This is a rare discovery in years and it has attracted a lot of scientists’ attention. This is because further studies would be carried out on the ice cave bear. One thing that made its organs still intact is that it was found encased in ice. This has made it possible for the preservation of the bear.

Not only was the organ intact, the nose was also discovered to be intact, too. It was further disclosed by scientists that this is really an interesting and rare discovery because one can barely find the organs of cave bear still preserved like that of the ice cave bear.

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A scientist, Maxim Cheprasov who works with the Mammoth Museum laboratory in Yakutsk revealed that there would be a need for proper scientific research for a very comprehensive study on the extinct cave bear. Through this, there would be more discoveries on how the cave bear had lived.

It is also to be known that not too long ago, a well-preserved cave bear of similar specie was found. Some have wondered why the cave bear has gone into extinction. But some research has shown that climate change and human-caused extinction have been primarily suggested as the main reason the animals are no longer available.

Since this discovery of this ice age cave bear that has been perfectly preserved after several years, scientists have shown interest in discovering more about this animal. This study would give us more understanding and scientific explanation of the kind of life lived by the cave bear.

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