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Neighbors of North Dakota Farmer Try to Save His 1,000 Acre Harvest


The neighbors of a North Dakota farmer are rallying round to help save his 1,000-acre harvest. This period is harvest season in North Dakota. But it is most likely that one of its farmers would not be able to harvest his 1,000 acres of land by himself. This is because he is currently suffering from cardiac arrest.

The farmer, Lane Unhjem did not envisage that the unexpected could happen. He did not know that the cardiac arrest he has would prevent him from harvesting by himself. It was when his combine caught fire that he began to suffer from cardiac arrest.

Although at the hospital at Minot where Unhjem got medical treatment from, it was stated that his condition has become better. But he would still not be able to undergo his farming activities anytime soon. One of the farming activities he would not likely do temporarily is harvesting.

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His 1,000 acres of crops yet to be harvested would cause him some kind of financial instability if care is not taken. Being that Unhjem has been an amazing farmer, his neighbors have decided on their own good fate to assist with the harvesting. This in a way has brought relief to him.

Jenna Binde, who is one of Unhjem’s friends disclosed that everyone has decided to step in and assist the poor farmer with the harvesting of crops. With other farmers ready, grain carts and semi-trucks would be used for the harvesting. About 60 farmers have volunteered to assist so that Unhjem would not suffer any form of financial loss.

The combine which Lane Unhjem had while harvesting caught fire; however, this did not stop people from assisting him. It is a terrible thing for any farmer to experience but neighbors, family, and friends have rallied round this farmer.

The North Dakota farmer can now be assured that truly good people still exist and live around him.

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