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215 Million Pounds of the Government’s COVID-19 Relief Money Given Back By UK Companies


Coronavirus has affected the economies of the global world. Many nations of the world are facing setbacks in the economic sector. UK Companies have given back 215 million pounds of government COVID-19 relief money.

A lot of COVID-19 relief funds have been given by many corporate organizations; even government officials are not left out in giving out palliatives. In recent times, UK Companies have been said to return or not agreeing to claims to the 215 million pounds unduly given to them in error.

Some other parts of the news claimed that the COVID-19 relief money was unused as part of the UK’s Coronavirus relief plan. From the source given through data from the UK’s IRS, these returned COVID-19 relief funds came from not less than 80,500 corporate organizations and individuals.

It was further revealed that some property developers were among those who have returned all the furlough money they have been said to claim so far.

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Some firms are yet to do the same and these include the distribution giant Bunzl, the Spectator magazine, and the Games Workshop, and these all worth $1.92 billion in one year.

It was gathered that the Swedish furniture corporate firm gave back the furlough money they initially claimed, revealing further that they did not need it.

Department stores Primark and John Lewis have also returned all the furlough money they had earlier claimed. These ways, the furlough money has been returned and it shows the Civic support these corporate organizations have decided to give to the coronavirus relief program.

No doubt, every sector has been majorly affected by the novel coronavirus and some companies have folded up. It is then paramount for these corporate companies to return the furlough money which was in some way received. Although some of these companies have denied having received any money.

The 215 million pounds most UK Companies received had been returned to the right channel.

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