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Abandoned Senior Dogs Can Now Live in Love


Every dog deserves to be loved and shown care at all times, including abandoned senior dogs. The more you show love to them, the more they tend to love you. It is the same for dogs. Who does not love to be cared for? Even humans want love.

Older dogs who cannot be adopted can be so exposed to higher risks and they do not have anyone to care for them. Dog lovers could be so determined to take care of dogs but mostly, older dogs do not receive much attention like younger breeds do.

Marty’s Place in Upper Freehold, New Jersey is a place where these dogs are beginning to receive a lot of attention and love. According to Marty’s Place founder, Doreen Jakubcakknew for sure that older dogs are mostly not adopted, that is why there is a need for them at Marty’s Place to look out for the underdogs.

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These dogs now would have to enjoy life in another dimension. They would no longer be exposed to a lot of risks that would shorten their lives. They now have access to things younger dogs enjoy. These include access to good and standard medical care, much attention being given to exercise and proper feeding.

Some of these dogs that are being cared for at the Marty’s Place sometimes find adoptive pet parents who show interest in them. They no longer have the fear of being abandoned or neglected. No more exposure to health risks. Jakubcak revealed that their focus is now on older dogs of ages between 10 to 18.

Abandoned senior dogs can now be catered for in love and they no longer have fear of being neglected. Dog lovers should try to adopt older dogs like Steve Greig who became serial pet parent of older dogs.

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