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Determined Bull Shows Off His Jumping Skill Just Like a Horse


Animals have their peculiar features and this determined bull isn’t left out. It is the way the universe moves. It was something quite remarkable when a determined Bull thinks he is a horse.

Horses are known for their jumping skills. So, this bull is so determined to show off his jumping skills to everyone that comes his way. Sabine Rouas met the bull, Aston, about five years ago when she began to help out at a cow farm in her neighborhood. Rouas started forming a close bond with this bull. She was later able to convince the farmer to let her buy him.

Rouas was later able to buy him. She began to raise Aston with her pony Sammy. This little bull began to pick up some skills he learned from the horse she was always teaching. This bull began to respond to her voice just as the way the horse did. He did everything the horse was doing.

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He galloped and also mastered the act of trotting. It took not more than 18 months to teach Aston how to leap from side to side just like the horse did. Aston is so determined to always show off his jumping skills which he has learned over the years.

He now attends horse shows around Europe where he does not hide his jumping skills. Rouas has shared a bond so much with Aston that both have become inseparable pairs who tour horse shows together. She disclosed that she always jokes with Aston that he is the lover of her entire life. This has shown the bond they both share.

She believed that Aston’s remarkable performance has been as a result of the bond they share. This determined bull shows off his jumping skills, always and Ruoas has been taking care of him since he was a calf.

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