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Mexican Firefighters Set to Help Battle Ravaging Wildfires in California


A group of Mexican firefighters has stormed California to help battle with the ravaging wildfires in the state. It is no longer news that recently California has experienced some fierce wildfires.

Some natural disasters like wildfires leave humans so hopeless and restless. It has to be controlled in a way before it does more harm to human lives. These firefighters are set to help stop this fierce wildfire.

Receiving them was the US Forest Service in California. On Wednesday, the firefighters from Mexico’s National Forestry Commission promised to assist in battling the wildfires. This group would help battle with the ravaging Sequoia Complex Fire which had only been minimally contained.

Tony Scardina, the deputy regional Forester of the Pacific Southwest Region of the US Forest Service expressed his joy as he disclosed that they were so glad that the crew could agree to come and help fight the wildfires.

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Eduardo Cruz, the Mexican agency’s national fire director stated that the crew would do everything humanly possible to help get rid of the savaging effect the wildfires might have on humans. Speaking further,  Cruz stated that fires have no borders but it is in the human capacity to contain the drastic effect it might have on people.

From information gathered, the wildfires span across more than 144,000 acres and it is the record-breaking disaster California is currently experiencing. After the US Forest Service demanded extra help through the National Interagency Fire Center, Canada sent some firefighters to California this month.

Also, Oregon received some firefighters this month as Oregon is also experiencing some wildfires. 12 large fires are burning in Oregon. It was revealed that in Oregon, not less than 938,000 acres have burned.

It gladdens the residents of California that some Mexican firefighters have arrived to help fight wildfires that have been burning lately. This group arrived on Wednesday.

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