sniffer dogs at Helsinki airport

Sniffer Dogs at Helsinki Airport Used To Detect Coronavirus


Authorities have started using sniffer dogs at Helsinki Airport to detect coronavirus; this was revealed by the researchers at the Airport. The researchers in charge of the Helsinki pilot scheme made it known that these sniffer dogs can detect the virus in seconds.

From researches, the dogs can easily detect the presence of the virus in not less than 10 seconds. Globally, the world at large has suffered from the outbreak of Covid-19. Proper measures are being put in place by the Helsinki airport pilot scheme to contain the spread of the novel virus.

Anna Hielm-Bjorkman of the University of Helsinki stated that the research is being funded and if it eventually works, the sniffer dogs at Helsinki airport could be finally used for screening in hospitals, sporting centers, and other public places.

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The dogs always sniff at the wipe international passengers used to detect the virus easily. The dogs indicate the virus has been detected by yelping or lying down and sometimes, it indicates by pawing. In such a scenario, if the virus is detected, the passenger is then advised to take a free quality polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test. This test is conducted using a nasal swab.

Before this period, earlier preliminary tests run by the University of Helsinki, dogs have been used to detect various diseases which include diabetes and cancer. Sometimes, they detected the virus before the patients showed any signs of their ailments.

It was further disclosed that dogs could identify coronavirus from a smaller molecule sample than that polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests. It was also disclosed that Wise Nose, a Finnish organization that focuses on training animals is training about 16 dogs in scent detection for the project.

The sniffer dogs at Helsinki airport have been trained effectively on how to detect the coronavirus patients and this project is funded by the state-funded pilot scheme to help contain COVID-19.

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