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Weird Tattoo On Woman’s Leg Finally Pays Off As She Receives Gift


People get tattoos for various reasons. A woman with a weird tattoo finally gets a gift of the exact image on her leg. This woman who has for years had this tattoo beautifully inscribed on her leg has finally been gifted with what she had always longed for.

With what first started as a mystical urge to get this tattoo on her leg was a result of her love for a picture of a fish chair several years ago. This New York resident saw this picture and immediately fell in love with it in ways that went beyond her comprehension. Eventually, she got the image perfectly drawn on her leg.

What then got her surprised was that she finally got the exact chair which she had always admired several years ago. This exact chair was gifted to her by a group of strangers whom she did not ever dream could come from 300 miles to him her. The chair is the exact image drawn on her skin.

It was the Facebook group “Weird Second Hand Finds That Just Need To Be Shared” that swung into action and bought Emily this chair when she mentioned about it to these strangers on Facebook. A GoFundMe campaign commenced so that the chair could be bought for Emily.

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Finally, the group was able to raise not less than $600 to buy her this chair which she has always loved years ago. They bought the chair from the Baltimore flea market. Afterward, the strangers surprised Emily by gifting her with this chair from 300 miles away from her.

She felt so honored to have been gifted this chair because she has always dreamt of having one since she saw a random picture of a fish chair some years ago. This was what prompted her to get this weird tattoo on her leg. Her long dream finally came to fruition as she now has the chair.

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