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89-Year-Old Pizza Delivery Driver Receives $12,000 Tip


An 89-year-old pizza delivery driver was astounded when he received a tip of $12,000. Derlin Newey was surprised when on Tuesday morning he got a tip from the Valdez family.

People’s act of kindness is becoming commendable these days. It is noteworthy that we now appreciate the people around us, whether they are young or old. It is one way to keep humanity united rather than being divided.

An act of kindness means a lot to everyone. We all want to feel loved. If we feel loved, we feel so safe around people in our community. The Valdez family had knocked on Newey’s door of his Utah home only to surprise him with such tip. This is not less a way to keep us all in a very lovable community.

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Newey could not hide his tears because he was super elated and appreciative of the Valdez family show of love. He delivers pizzas after he realized that his survival could not be streamlined to just one source of income.

Carlos Valdez revealed that Newey is loved by everybody and they are super proud to be associated with him. It is quite interesting to know that Newey is not just a pizza delivery driver, he is also an amazing rising TikTok personality. This has opened him for more recognition.

The Valdez family began recording him anytime he delivered pizza and they uploaded it as TikTok videos. The family decided to use this medium to raise money for Newey when people asked why he would be delivering pizza at his age.

That was how they were able to raise the sum of $12,000 and they surprised Newey with the signed check stating that it was from his “TikTok Family”. It is good to see people being shown love and it is no exception for this 89-year-old pizza delivery driver who got a tip of $12,000.

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