Britain Hero rat Magawa

Britain Hero Rat, Magawa Receives Award For Sniffing Out Unexploded Land Mines


Britain hero rat, Magawa has been awarded a top animal award for his ability to sniff out unexploded land mines in Cambodia. Animals can be well trained to perform some activities that will help mankind. An animal trained would be able to carry out some functions with perfection.

That was the case with a rat, Magawa which was well-trained to sniff out any form of explosives in Cambodia. He has been discharging his duties excellently and that has finally paid off for him. Now he is being recognized with the PDSA Gold Medal, which is a top animal award.

Magawa was awarded for his unique bravery in locating unexploded land mines. He was awarded on Friday. It is a record-breaking feat for the hero rat because that is the first time ever a rat would clinch one of the greatest animal awards of Britain.

It was revealed that the hero rat has been able to detect quite a dozen of land mines in Cambodia area and this is highly commendable because human lives have been safeguarded in that way. Magawa has been very useful because he does his duty with willingness.

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This Britain hero rat is of Tanzanian descendant who was well-trained by APOPO (a nonprofit organization), to help in sniffing out any form of explosives.

He has been trained with other rats on how to detect any land explosives. When they discover any land mines, they immediately notify their handlers. In this way, they have been able to remove many explosives safely.

PDSA Chair John Smith speaking stated that it was the very first time a rat would ever receive the PDSA Gold Medal and it was a great feat for the hero rat. For over 77 years of recognizing the great deeds of animals, this Britain hero rat would be the first rat to cart away such a gold medal. Animals deserve to be well treated too.

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