Massachusetts town feeds girl

Massachusetts Town Feeds Girl With Autism During COVID-19


This is a very inspiring news as Massachusetts town feeds girl with autism. People who suffer from autism need not be neglected or made to feel inferior. To make human lives progress, love is truly needed. We all need to show love to people irrespective of color, social status, gender, and physical conditions. This made Massachusetts town feed a girl with autism during Coronavirus.

The world in general has suffered from the outbreak of COVID-19. There is hardly any part of the planet earth that has not experienced one ill thing caused by Coronavirus. Economies across the globe are yet to become stable, lives have been lost, businesses have crumbled and many people have bitter tales to share.

Autism is not the end of the world for anyone. This has shown in the life of a Massachusetts resident when people rally round to feed her during COVID-19. It is quite impressive to see people show love to this young girl.

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Ashlyn is the name of the girl and she is autistic. It was disclosed that she stopped eating food generally earlier this year. There were exceptions to only meatballs and spaghettiOs.  When the novel Coronavirus outbreak began, there was no means to get SpaghettiOs anywhere. This was going to start affecting her feeding lifestyle.

Ashlyn’s mother, Crystal MacDonald further disclosed that it was a very difficult moment for her because getting SpaghettiOs for Ashlyn was tough. One peculiar thing that later happened was that SpaghettiOs began to show up on her doorstep. It was like a miracle. Despite the absence of this food item at the grocery.

Members of the community have heard about Ashlyn’s autism so they were so keen on helping her. Everyone knew the adverse effects of the virus on the world generally, that was why they could not have ignored the young girl.

It is great to see people’s acts of kindness in the community. Massachusetts town feeds girl with autism is a very remarkable thing.

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