cancer recovery through skating

Cancer Recovery Through Skating Possible


When people are diagnosed with cancer, they accept it in different fates. It is quite magical that cancer recovery through skating as well as engaging in other sporting activities, is possible.

The oldest member of Thailand’s national longboard team, Jeab has been said to recover from breast cancer as a result of her engagement in sporting activities. Sixty-three-year-old Nongluck Chairuettichaiwho is also known as Jeab is always engaging in a lot of skating.

Jeab is a well-known longboarder and she was earlier diagnosed with cancer. This diagnosis was done about ten years ago and she was bent on recovering from breast cancer. It is with her determination that she sought solace in sports. Taking up skating has finally set her on the path to recovery.

She is a cancer survivor and she has had chemotherapy. Not just chemotherapy, she had surgery, too. For her, skating every day finally helped her because she began to become healthier. She picked up skating having watched her son Soteeraskate with much fun and joy.

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Jeab confessed that she later fell in love with the longboard after several attempts. Although it is mostly done by teenage boys, that would not discourage her from doing what she has fallen in love with. With constant involvement in the sport, she was soon known in the capital’s small longboarding community.

Within a few months of skating, she became the oldest member of Thailand’s national longboard team and she competed in several tournaments. She revealed further that she always felt free whenever she skated. Cruising for her has become an addiction.

Initially, she was discouraged by her friends but her family was supportive and now she has gained recognition and acceptance. For Jeab, her cancer recovery through skating happened through her thorough involvement in cruising around. Her skating has become part of her entire life and she enjoys doing it now.

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