watching cute animals improves health

Watching Cute Animals Improves Health, Science Reveals


Science always reveals so many scientific things to us through methodic research and evidence. One of the interesting revelations is that watching cute animals improves health. Everyone wants improved health and one of the ways this can be achieved is to continuously watch cute animals.

Science always has backings and one of the backings for this study is one as carried out by the Leeds University situated in the UK. This study has some interesting facts backed up by scientific evidence.

It shows that watching beautiful animals may help in reducing anxiety, worries, and stress. Many people are always anxious about one thing or the other and they also undergo a stressful lifestyle. One way this can be controlled has been shown in this scientific research.

The study shows how watching some videos or images of beautiful animals for about 30 minutes can positively affect heart rate, anxiety, and blood pressure.

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Doctor Andrea Utley, who is an Associate Prof at Leeds University, has also revealed that this scientific research is backed up by evidence. Some kittens, puppies, and quokkas were put together for the 30- minute video. The quokka is a beautiful animal which is found in the Western part of Australia and it is widely acclaimed as one of the “world’s cutest animals”.

From the study, it was discovered that average blood pressure reduced from about 136/88 to the range of 115/71, and average heart rates also reduced to the range of 67.4 bpm, which is a reduction of 6.5%.

The study was affected by the outbreak of novel Coronavirus because Utley hoped to carry out eight sessions but was in a way restricted the study. She has stated that she would keep exploring some other choices for the progress of her study.

It is therefore important to note that for people’s health to improve, scientific research has shown that watching cute animals improves health. Health can now be greatly improved by this act of watching cute animals.

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