wife blocks attempted kidnap of grandchild

Wife Blocks Attempted Kidnap of Grandchild


Kidnapping is one societal vice that most people frown at. If it mostly involves their loved ones, people can go the extra mile to ensure that they are being protected. That is with the case of Joe Montana with his wife. Law enforcement officials confirmed on Sunday, 27th September as Joe Montana alongside his wife blocks attempted kidnap of their grandchild.

Having confirmed the incidence, there was a claim about an attempted kidnap of Montana’s 9-month-old grandchild, and this took place over the weekend. According to the reports filed to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the Hall of Fame quarterback, Joe Montana with his wife had blocked a kidnapper who tried to kidnap their grandchild who was said to be sleeping in his playpen when the incidence took place.

This happened on Saturday when an unidentified woman stormed into their apartment in Malibu and grabbed the little baby. It was at this point the couple confronted the woman. It was later the law enforcement officials confirmed the identity of the alleged kidnapper as Sodsai Dalzell.

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The law enforcement authorities to whom the case was filed to, later disclosed that Montana’s wife, Jennifer later pried the baby out of the kidnapper’s arms. This did not come as an easy victory. It came after Jennifer had engaged in a fight with Dalzell. It was further revealed from investigations that the kidnapper took to her heels after the baby was pried from her.

The law enforcement authorities later arrested Dalzell and she is said to be charged with burglary charges as well as kidnapping. However, Montana has appreciated the general public for their show of love and concern regarding the incidence, but stated that the family would love to have their privacy at this critical period because the case is still ongoing.

It is quite great to hear how husband and wife blocks attempted kidnap of their grandchild. The couple really ensured the safety of the baby.

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