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Lost Wedding Ring Found After Several Weeks


A man named Matt Eastley who lost his wedding ring has finally retrieved it after some weeks. The lost wedding ring was said to be found by a mother and her daughter.

Matt Eastley was very pained when he misplaced his wedding ring and he thought he was never going to find it again. Not until he was surprised when a mother and her daughter located him and gave him back the ring.

Eastley misplaced the ring on the Ventnor Beach last month. He did not believe he had misplaced the golden ring at first. After he later realized that his wedding ring was lost, he thought he was not going to see it again.

He lost the ring on the beach and it was found later in the sand. Unknown to Eastley while he was on the beach, the ring had fallen off. It was while he was leaving the beach that he told the attendant at the beach about his missing wedding ring.

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Eastley has been married to his wife, Lisa for about 15 years. Nobody would want to lose a very precious golden ring like their wedding ring because it is mostly irreplaceable. Same was Matt Eastley’s thought.

For Matt, his golden wedding ring was very precious and at the same time much irreplaceable. It was very terrible losing the wedding ring and it was a bitter experience for Matt.

It took the intervention of PriyaSahu and her mother, Aswita to help Matt retrieve his wedding ring. It was the next day Priya found it in the sand. They then informed the beach attendant and they eventually hooked up with Matt Eastley to return his ring.

Now Eastley is happy that he has his golden wedding ring back and he could not contain his joy as he appreciated both mother and daughter.

The lost wedding ring of Matt Eastley has finally been retrieved and it is a sign of goodwill for him.

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