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Female Banker May Be the Next Goldman Sachs CEO


There have a lot of reactions from different quarters as a female banker is set to succeed Goldman Sachs CEO. Women have been doing quite remarkably well in different sectors across the globe.

It is noteworthy that a female banker may take the baton of leadership at Goldman Sachs. 43- year old amazing Stephanie Cohen is set to put all hands on deck for the smooth running of Goldman Sachs.

Cohen has been doing quite well since 2017 as she has been the organization’s chief strategy officer. She has had a lot of recommendations upon assuming office in 2017.

Her roles have been so amazing to the growth of the organization. She has set so many standards for others. She is the first woman who has led her group under the CEO to make sure the bank’s mode of operations changed drastically in January. Since her assuming office in 2017, she has not stopped and she has done so many great things worthy of emulation.

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The CEO of Goldman Sachs, David Solomon has revealed that Cohen has done so many tangible things for the organization and her impact is widely immeasurable. Cohen taking up a new role is setting her at the upper edge above others.

Cohen is one of the top leading professionals, who is not ready to rest on her oars. For the reorganization done, it has made Cohen a top female banker.

She has always been known to discharge her duties so effortlessly and this is one of the reasons she has become the CEO’s preferred staff in all ramifications.

If there are other female contemporaries, Cohen has an edge to emerge as the succeeding CEO at Goldman Sachs. This female banker may succeed Goldman Sachs CEO in good fate.

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