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Governor Gavin Newsom Sets To Protect Wildlife From Harmful Rodenticides


Governor Gavin Newsom has placed a premium value on mountain lions and some wildlife from very deadly rodenticides by signing some legislation to this effect.

It is important to keep some wildlife from very dangerous rodenticides that may shorten their lifespan. The use of rodenticides of any form has been forbidden. This is to help protect the mountain lions and some other wildlife.

If these regulations are not in full place, there would be a very terrible effect on this wildlife. In California, these rodenticides are perceived to be very toxic to wildlife. It could be a full threat to them. This is primarily why Newsom has made the law against the use of deadly rodenticides against these mountain lions.

Newsom believes that these mountain lions should be greatly cared for. Using rodenticides on wildlife would be of a terrible threat to them. Rodenticides are very poisonous and the effects on the mountain lions are quite alarming and this called for action by Governor Newsom.

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Also, the use of these rodenticides especially SGAR could be dangerous to community health. The general public health is quite important and things that would cause more harm than good should be controlled.

There is a need for wildlife to be preserved. Nature does well when we take care of natural habitats. Now there is a curb to the use of very harmful rodenticides that have been a form of threat to wildlife.

No doubt, Governor Newsom is advocating for the preservation of wildlife and this in great ways would help control the negativity that surrounds the use of SGAR on these mountain lions and other wildlife. The rodenticides have some negative effects on the mountain lions, among which is stunt growth.

The regulation and restrictions placed on the use of rodenticides by Governor Gavin Newsom have a long way of preserving wildlife and mountain lions in California. It would no longer be a threat to wildlife.

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