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Iraqi Archbishop Gets Nominated For EU Human Rights Award


An Iraqi archbishop, Mikhael Moussa has been nominated for the EU Human Rights Award. This is coming after the archbishop ensured that some significant documents were well-secured during the invasion of ISIS.

Awards are a means of recognizing people’s contributions to society. It is a way of showing that their quotas are not discarded and their good works are greatly appreciated. An award from the ever prestigious EU Human Rights Award is indeed an honorable one.

Moussa did a lot of remarkable things that people across the globe have commended him for. It is quite interesting to know that the archbishop did not just save some historical documents from being destroyed or carted away, he also helped safeguard some human lives.

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He ensured that there was a defense of people. This is a show of love for humanity. He made sure that some Syriacs and Christians among others were evacuated during the invasion of ISIS. The documents he helped save date back to the 13th century towards the 19th century.

From information gathered, Moussa was an archbishop when the invasion happened back in 2014. He recognized at a critical moment the need for him to save humans from attack and also the need to keep historical documents that were so valuable.

He believes the nomination is a good one for the service towards humanity. The nomination is in respect to his selfless love for human lives. He also thinks the nomination is a very good way to honor people in the community and the global world.

So many things should not get humans divided. Be it race, color, sexual orientation or religion, and social class. Many people had imagined what would have happened terribly if Moussa had not taken that quick action.

Lives would have been lost and the historical documents would nowhere be found. It is quite remarkable that the Iraqi archbishop has gotten nominated for the EU Human Rights Award which is quite memorable.

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