104-year-old war veteran

104-year-old War Veteran Gifted With Car He Wanted to Buy


104-year-old war veteran, Clint Johnson who was meant to buy the car was later given the car. It is quite beautiful to see the event that surrounds how 104-year-old war veteran, Clint Johnson got gifted with a car. This took place last Thursday when he went to the car dealer in New York.

Although some specific information about the 104-year-old service remains unknown but with his baseball cap having the badge of the 20th US air force gave some clue that the aged man must have fought in the World War 2.

It was a humbling moment for Johnson when he got to the Joe Basil Chevrolet to buy himself a brand new Chevrolet Sonic car but instead of buying the car with his money, he was rather given the car as a gift. He did not have to pay a dime to get the car.

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The information was disclosed by Joe Basil Chevrolet that instead of selling out the car to the aged man, it was worth gifting him the car instead since he had had a lot to sacrifice during the war. Earlier, Joe Basil Chevrolet had held a yearly campaign tagged “Cars for Veterans”. As a result of Covid-19, the yearly car campaign was not able to hold and that was why Joe Basil Chevrolet deemed it fit to gift Johnson the 2020 Chevrolet Sonic car.

Many Facebook users have commended the act as a very remarkable one and it shows that despite all that been happening this year, there is still a show of love and care to humanity.

Some Facebook users stated that it is the best thing they have heard this year because the gifting of the car to the veteran shows that there could still be a ray of hope for us. It is great that the 104-year-old war veteran was gifted with such a beautiful car.

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