Saudi Arabia's dog cafe

Saudi Arabia’s Dog Cafe Impresses Pet Owners


Saudi Arabia’s dog cafe is the first dog cafe Saudi Arabia will have. This dog cafe is located in Khobar and this will give pet owners the privilege to get some much fun with their puppies.

This café will give pet owners a great opportunity to have much fun with their dogs while they are at the dog cafe to sip some tea.

Although in Islam, dogs are taken to be some dirty animals and they have been banned from any public gatherings in Saudi Arabia but with the dog café in Khobar, things might take a new phase. This was disclosed by the AFP.

The dog café which is also known as The Barking Lot is giving every pet owner the ample chance to enjoy with their dogs inside the premises. This news has greatly impressed many pet lovers because there are hardly places they could go to have fun with their pets.

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Dalal Ahmed who is the founder of the Barking Lot disclosed that she rightly decided to open the dog café when she paid a visit to Saudi Arabia. Ahmed revealed further that the lot is for those with dogs and those with other pets and those who have no pets.

AFP had reported that before this period; Saudi Arabia’s religious police had placed stern restrictions on pets walking outside because it was perceived that some men used it to make advances at the women.

One of Saudi Arabia’s citizens, Johara disclosed that the idea is a very unique one and it would be an avenue for dogs to socialize. At the dog café, there are different sections for the dogs. And this dog café is seen as a welcoming idea.

A dog cafe, Barking Lot has impressed lovers of pets and it is Saudi Arabia’s first dog cafe as it could be said that Saudi Arabia’s dog cafe is a very unique idea.

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