15,000 children's homes

About 15000 Children’s Homes Get Free WiFi Amid COVID-19 Pandemic


Coronavirus has affected many sectors in different countries across the globe. There is no one without one tale or the other about their COVID-19 experience. But relief came to about 15000 children’s homes when they got a surprise free WiFi during this pandemic.

It is interesting to note that about 15,000 kids in different homes got some free WiFi. This happened in about five school districts and the free WiFi is to enable the kids to access the internet freely.

Many children have had issues with learning during the pandemic but this free internet access would enable children to enjoy their accelerated learning.

The five districts are located in Pennsylvania, Mississippi, Baltimore, Indiana, and Jackson. One striking thing about the free internet access the children are gifted with is that they would enjoy at least five years of free internet access in their various homes.

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Over ten million children’s homes have benefited from this free internet access. It comes in courtesy of T-Mobile’s Project 10 Million which is a project that ensures that students of about 10 million can enjoy free internet in their homes.

It was revealed that about 15 million to 16 million children have not had detailed access to the internet for accurate learning. This information was revealed by the Center for Democracy and Technology.

Owing to the fact that they lack internet access, most of these students who are so eager to learn resort to going to different eateries or parking lots to have accurate access to e-learning.

Whereas in Baltimore, about 20,000 children’s homes had no free accessibility to broadband while in communities around New Mexico about 40 percent of children have not been able to have free access to detailed internet connection.

It is commendable that as several children have started the school year in different parts of the country, about 15000 children’s homes would have accelerated access to the internet in courtesy of T-Mobile’s Project.

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