Mark cuban donates $50,000

Mark Cuban Donates $50,000 To Deputies Wounded During Ambush Attack


Mark Cuban donates $50,000 to deputies who were said to have been wounded during an ambush attack. Dallas Mavericks who is the founder of Mark Cuban has donated not less than $50,000 to Los Angeles deputies who got wounded during an ambush attack in the last few weeks.

This information was disclosed on Thursday. The deputies included a 24-year-old man alongside a 31-year-old woman who was terribly wounded while they suffered an ambush attack.

They were both reportedly shot in the head and face while the two were seated in the patrol car not far from Compton station. It was further disclosed that the two had undergone some surgery and they have both been released from the clinic.

Cuban revealed that the donation of $50,000 to each of the families was part of his contribution to the Fallen Patriot Fund. The Fallen Patriot Fund was initially established to assist the families of the United States of America military members who were either murdered or critically wounded during Operation Iraqi Freedom.

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One Deonte Lee Murray was said to have been arrested after the incidence of the ambush occurred and it was later revealed that his arrest was not in tune with the ambush attack on the deputies.

The shooting of the deputies was later said to have been captured through a surveillance video and it exposed how the shooting took place.

After the two deputies were terribly shot, the 31-year-old deputy managed to assist the male deputy out of their patrol car and they both hid behind a concrete pillar so that they could survive. She later applied a tourniquet on the male deputy’s who was bleeding.

Mark Cuban donates $50,000 to each family of the Los Angeles deputies so as to show his support to them and the deputies have been released from the hospital and they are recovering fast.

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