US President Donald Trump Tests Positive for Coronavirus

US President Donald Trump Tests Positive for Coronavirus


Coronavirus has affected many sectors across the globe. It has also had some drastic effects on world leaders as US president Donald Trump tests positive for Coronavirus. The news of his diagnosis came up two days after he had the presidential debate with Joe Biden who is the presidential aspirant for the Democratic.

Not only is Trump positive, US First Lady, Melania Trump also tests positive. It is about some weeks to Election Day and Trump with Melania are said to start their quarantine.

Some months back, United Kingdom Prime Minister, Boris Johnson was diagnosed with Coronavirus. These two, Trump and Johnson are among the world notable leaders diagnosed with the virus. Johnson had survived after his quarantine.

It should not be forgotten that Donald Trump has been heavily criticized on different platforms for the manner in which he has handled the breakout of the novel Coronavirus pandemic in the US. So far in the US, not less than 207,000 Coronavirus patients had died.

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According to Johns Hopkins University, not less than 7.2 million US residents have been diagnosed with Coronavirus. Coronavirus has also affected the economies of the world and the U.S. is not left behind.

Trump has strongly advocated for the reopening of schools and businesses after the virus has affected the economy negatively. The US president has also held some campaigns where his supporters were a few were said not to be wearing their masks.

In February, Trump had said that the virus would be fine and he later said that the pandemic is under much control in the U.S. President Trump’s top aide, Hope Hicks also was diagnosed with the virus. However, there is still an upcoming presidential debate slated for October 15.

Sean Conley, the physician for the White House has revealed on Friday morning that the president with Melania both plan to remain at home during their quarantine at the White House. President Donald Trump tests positive for Coronavirus and is undergoing quarantine for quick recovery.

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