cat mimics human behavior

Evidence as Cat Mimics Human Behavior


This cat mimics human behavior, he is seen responding to and imitating his owner’s behavior.Cats are animals that have lived with humans for a very long time. Would it be strange if a cat can mimic human behavior and act the same way a human does? Evidence as cat mimics human behavior has been seen from the research recently conducted by some researchers.

Some group of researchers from the Department of Ethology with the prestigious EotvosLorand University has studied a cat that has the ability to mimic human behavior. This team of brilliant researchers wrote on their observations from the study of the house cat. The paperwork “Animal Cognition” describes more of their observations.

Some animals like the apes, dolphins, elephants among few others have been understudied to mimic human behavior. Although the observation was filled with some surprise because people perceived cats as animals without the ability to imitate the actions of people.

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The head researcher, Claudia Fugazza who is an animal behaviorist had met with a colleague who explained that she taught her cat how to expressly imitate some of her actions. This imitation is based on Fugazza’s colleague, FumiHigaki’s dictates.

The two had been reviewing an animal training guide with the caption “Do as I do”. This involves how an animal is trained to act in certain ways after being instructed to do so. The training also involves showing the animal some set of new behavior it has not been exposed to and it is therefore expected to perform the way the trainer instructs saying “do as I do”.

Higakiwas able to set up an act of demonstration of her pet cat in action at her own pet store. The cat, Ebisu was observed by Fugazzaperforming not less than 18 actions as commanded by Higaki. Some of the actions performed were spinning around and touching some toys. It is evident that a cat can mimic human behavior from the observations carried out. It could be said that a cat is an intelligent animal.

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