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Missing Toddler Finally Reunited With His Father


A missing toddler has finally reunited with his father after he went missing. He reunited with his father and other family members after some neighbor saw him walking on Thursday morning at the St. Louis City environs. The young boy was seen with a dog who acted as his “guard”.

Kh’amorion Taylor, the young boy was sighted at the wee hours of Thursday morning by neighbors. As he was sighted, a stray dog acted as his guide and it refused to let him go.

The incident took place by 8:00 am and a neighbor had seen the little boy when she was actually walking her dogs. The neighbor ensured the missing boy got home.

She did not relent in ensuring that he got home sound and safe. She kept knocking on neighbors’ doors to find out the identity of the family. The child was not recognized so she pressed on. Kh’amorion Taylor’s father eventually was able to identify his missing child from a post on social media. Without much ado, the poor dad ensured he took the necessary steps.

The unidentified neighbor revealed that Taylor looked very sound and healthy when she found him. The only thing was just that he had no shoes on. It was not disclosed how the toddler got out of the house.

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The neighbor highlighted that it was quite crucial that neighbors helped one another and in that way, there would be much support system in their community. When there is the right support system, it will bring a form of unity and responsibility in their community. The neighbor cited that it was the way their grandparents lived.

It was disclosed that the St. Louis police may think of the possibility of adopting the dog who acted as a “guard” when little Taylor was found. It is quite beautiful to see that the missing toddler has finally reunited with not only his father but with other members, too.

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