New emoji for forgiveness

New Emoji For Forgiveness Proposed


A new emoji for forgiveness has been proposed.There are various emojis for different reactions, as it is with the expression of love, disgust, excitement, anger, and several others. This particular emoji is to show an act of forgiveness the same way other emojis express emotions.

This proposed forgiveness emoji was the creative work of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. Tuomo Pesonen, the spokesman for the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland disclosed that in this current dispensation, emojis are key forms of expressing our emotions as humans. These expressions sometimes go beyond what our words could convey.

What is widely known as emojis today started in 1999 from the use of internet cartoon signs or symbols. Prior to the invention of these emojis, there were some simple emoticons that were used to show emotional feelings.

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There were the smiley face and the frowny face, there were the first major emoticons and there were basically the idea of Doctor Scott Fahlman, a Carnegie Mellon professor. It is interesting to note that the two emoticons on September 19 celebrated 38 years of existence.

Steven Pinker, Harvard linguist thinks that emojis sometimes are the best to use when conveying someone’s feelings when sending text may not be in use. It makes communication to be understood in its pure and simple form.

Although there are not less than thousands of emojis in this dispensation, just a few are being recognized by the Unicode Consortium. But the #forgivemoji campaign was proposed to make forgiveness become quite easy to express.

The past Finnish president, Tarja Halonen was the one who picked the emerging emoji sometime in February. The forgiveness emoji has two hands that show thumbs up symbol underneath a huge red heart.

It is believed that this new emoji for forgiveness would join one of Unicom’s recognized emoji symbols very soon. It is nice to see that with this proposed forgiveness emoji, people can now express forgiveness in simple terms.

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