2020 nobel peace prize

2020 Nobel Peace Prize Awarded to the World’s Best Hunger Program


The 2020 Nobel Peace Prize has been given to the world’s biggest hunger program. Annually, there is always the Nobel Peace Prize and this year has shown that it is no exception despite the pandemic that hit the world.

Globally, the Nobel Peace Prize is one of the highly recognized awards, and this year, the world’s biggest organization that helps feed the hungered people gets recognized for its impact across the globe.

It is great to see the World Food Program known as the WFP bag the award for their immeasurable effort and impact to help fight against hunger. Globally, hunger has affected many nations and the WFP has really tried to help prevent hunger.

It is unarguably that the United Nations’ WFP contributed greatly to help fight against hunger across 88 countries in 2019.These countries have been faced with hunger as a result of war and other crises.

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Despite the outbreak of Covid-19 which has affected many economies of the world including the production of food, the WFP has been able to help supply food across different countries. The organization believes that even if the vaccine has not yet been discovered, food is basically the right vaccine against chaos.

The Norwegian Nobel Committee declared that giving aid to surplus food security doesn’t just help to fight against hunger, but it helps to promotes peace and unity. The WFP has been able to help curtail hunger across Africa, Asia, and across the globe.

The committee further expressed that the World Food Program is a form of a new version of the peace congresses that the Nobel Peace Prize has the intention to promote. The project is indeed a very charitable one that has a great impact on humans across the globe.

It is highly commendable that the 2020 Nobel Peace Prize has been given to the WFP in its recognition of feeding millions of people across the universe.

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