mum carries daughter's baby

Mum Carries Daughter’s Baby as a Demonstration of Love


This is an amazing story of a mum who carries her daughter’s baby. A 51-year-old woman, Julie Loving has finally demonstrated an act of love to her daughter, Breanna Lockwood, by choosing to be a surrogate for her.

This is indeed a show of love as the mum carries her daughter’s baby because motherhood comes with a lot of challenges and Loving has chosen to accept the challenge by coming to her daughter’s aid as a surrogate mother.

Breanna Lockwood who is 29 years old has really expressed her fondest joy as her mother has willingly carried her own baby. Loving made it known that the pregnancy is 35 weeks old.

Breanna Lockwood for years had had some unfair share with infertility and this included a lot of failed embryo transfers. She has also had about two miscarriages as well as other various forms of infertility issues.

She later concluded with her husband, Aaron Loving that having a gestational carrier would not be a bad idea. It is interesting to know that a gestational carrier only carries and gives birth to the baby of another woman without her own eggs being used.

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However, doctor Brian Kaplan, Breanna’s fertility doctor disclosed that some Americans cannot really foot the bills of a gestational carrier because it is quite expensive and it goes for nothing less than $100,000. Lockwood revealed that her mother had wanted to be a gestational carrier for her many a time but she declined the offer.

Kaplan initially explained that Loving becoming the gestational carrier was not ideal because any form of in vitro fertilization requires the surrogate to be above 40 years of age.

After several preliminary tests conducted on Loving, it was shown that she could be her daughter’s surrogate. It was revealed that Loving got pregnant with the first embryo. As mum carries the daughter’s baby, it is a way of demonstrating her love for her daughter.

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