Nine million COVID-19 tests

Nine Million COVID-19 Tests to Be Carried Out in Five Days


Nine million COVID-19 tests are to be conducted in Qingdao for five days. This test is to be carried out as a result of the recent discovery of not less than twelve fresh cases that are said to be tied to a clinic treating COVID-19 patients who are getting back from abroad.

It should not be forgotten that sometime in May, China conducted mass testing on the whole city of Wuhan which happened to be the epicenter of the outbreak of COVID-19. From the statement filed by Weibo, there are about 12 fresh cases discovered in Qingdao and about six out of the fresh cases are asymptomatic.

These cases are therefore linked to the same medical center. As a result of these new cases, there would be some strict mass testing. The National Health Commission then disclosed on Monday that the entire city of Qingdao would be tested within a period of just five days.

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It was further revealed that about 114,862 persons had been tested and their results showed negative. These persons included some medical personnel and some newly hospitalized patients at the medical center.

These fresh cases arise as a result of the Golden Week holiday recently observed in China and this holiday required that people in their millions traveled around the country.

But sometime last month, it was reported that two port workers tested positive but it was allegedly reported that these port workers did not infect anybody.

In recent times, there has not been a rise in the cases of Covid-19 in China. However, China has currently recorded about 91,305 covid-19 cases and the death toll hit about 4,746. This information was revealed by the World Health Organization.

With the discoveries of about twelve covid-19 cases, nine million COVID-19 tests are to be carried out throughout the city of Qingdao. This would help contain any further spread of the deadly virus.

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