Misogynistic and Anti-Semitic Passages

Saudi Arabia Gets Rid of Misogynistic and Anti-Semitic Passages of its Textbooks

Some misogynistic and anti-Semitic passages have been gotten rid of in Saudi Arabia’s school textbooks. For the past decades, several people have criticized Saudi Arabia for school textbooks that support women’s subservience to men and hatred towards any other religion apart from Islam. However, the country has successfully scrubbed of most of these contents in […]

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10-year-old San Antonio boy

10-year-old San Antonio Boy Cashes in on GameStop stocks He Received 2 years ago

A 10-year-old San Antonio boy has cashed out the GameStop stocks he received as a gift 2 years ago. When Jaydyn Carr received a gift from his mom two years ago, little did he know, he would experience a stock surge.  While this week stock talks center on small investors, however, Jaydyn might be the […]

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Man Bequeaths €2m

Man Bequeaths €2m to French Village that Rescued His Family from Nazis

An Austrian man bequeaths €2m to the French village that helped him to hide his family from persecution. Eric Schwan and his family fled the Nazis during the Second World War when his family was in danger. Eric Schwam died at the age of 90, however, before his death; he included a surprise gift for […]

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UN poll

UN Poll Reveals that Nearly 66% of People See Climate Change as a Global Emergency

The UN poll reveals that nearly sixty-six percent of respondents see climate change as a “global emergency.” The poll which surveyed 1.2 million people in several countries across the globe was carried out to help get views about climate change from people. This poll was described as the biggest survey of public opinion about climate […]

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