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UN Poll Reveals that Nearly 66% of People See Climate Change as a Global Emergency


The UN poll reveals that nearly sixty-six percent of respondents see climate change as a “global emergency.” The poll which surveyed 1.2 million people in several countries across the globe was carried out to help get views about climate change from people.

This poll was described as the biggest survey of public opinion about climate change. It captured the opinions of over half a million people under age 18. According to the UNDP, the people’s Climate vote was conducted in 50 low, middle, and high-income nations that account for over half of the population in the world.

64% of the respondents believed climate change was becoming an emergency. 59% out of the respondents that agreed that climate change was a global emergency said that decision makers should do their best urgently. 20% said they could act slowly while 10% believed everything was in place.

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69% of people between the ages of 14-18 said that there is a climate emergency, nearly sixty-six of respondents between the ages of 18 to 60 agreed while 58 percent of those beyond 60 years agreed.

The UN poll revealed that most people supported climate action even when they know there would be a significant impact on their country. When they asked respondents where they would like to see changes, the most popular decisions were four climate policies.

54% of respondents supported forests and land conservation, while 53% chose increased utilization of renewable energy, 52% favored farming techniques that were climate-friendly and 50% wanted the government and businesses to invest more in green jobs and businesses.

The results of this poll reveal that people across the world support climate action irrespective of age, gender, nationalities, and education level. President Joe Biden has taken action to fight climate change on his agenda.

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