10-year-old San Antonio boy

10-year-old San Antonio Boy Cashes in on GameStop stocks He Received 2 years ago


A 10-year-old San Antonio boy has cashed out the GameStop stocks he received as a gift 2 years ago. When Jaydyn Carr received a gift from his mom two years ago, little did he know, he would experience a stock surge. 

While this week stock talks center on small investors, however, Jaydyn might be the youngest investor in San Antonio. At age 8, Jaydyn became a GameStock shareholder, this was before Reddit users increased the prices of the gaming company’s shares, blindsiding Wall Street. The 10-year-old San Antonio boy is excited about the sales of his first set of stocks.

Jaydyn’s mother, Nina, maintained that her son is just like her and has learned how to trade. Nina said she wanted to gift her son a something that reflects Ujaama for Kwanzaa 2019.

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Ujaama is one of the principles of Kwanzaa which focuses on cooperative economics. Nina then gifted Jaydyn GameStop shares sold at $6 each. The smile on the little boy’s face in the 2019 holiday photo.

“My phone was about to go off because of the GameStop I have on my watch list. I was trying to explain to my son that the shares had skyrocketed and I asked him if he wanted to sell or not.”


Both mother and son said $2,200 will be channeled to Jaydyn’s savings account. They decided to use $1,000 out to invest in more shares.

When Jaydyn was asked if he had more interests in trading after the big win, he answered yes. He is interested in Roblox, online game hub which is preparing for its market debut.

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